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  L1The concept of Glycochemistry and Glycobiology
  L2. Fischer projection and the story behind
  L3. Open chain an ring structures of monosaccharides
  L4. Reactions of the anomeric center - 1
  L5. Reactions hydroxyl groups part-I
  L6. Reactions of the anomeric center - 2
  L7. Reactions of hydroxyl groups-2
  L8. Lock and Key
  L9. Glycosylation
  L10. Glycobiology concept and oligosaccharide conformation (updated)
          Supplemental information for glycobiology
  L11. N-glycosylation and mucin
  L12. Proteoglycans and glycolipids
  L13. Effects of glycosylation on protein structure and function
  L14. Carbohydrate recognition in cell adhesion and signalling


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