This research group was established by Ming Jiang after he finished his two-year research in Liverpool University, UK, 1981. In the following 20 years, many basic researches were conducted by Prof. Jiang together with Prof. Xiuyun Huang and Prof. Jingwei Xie. After Dr. Ping Yao and Dr. Daoyong Chen joined the group in 1997 and 2000, the name of our group was then changed into “Jiang-Chen-Yao (JCY) United Research Group”. The United Group achieved many excellent progress and won many awards in the following several years, including the 2nd Class Award of State Natural Science titled “New Strategies for Macromolecular Self-assembly and their Practice”.

At the end of 2008, Dr. Guosong Chen finished her postdoctoral research in Iowa State University, US and became a new member of the group. Due to th... See Details>>

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